Improve WiFi At Your Next Conference | Wyebot Wireless Solutions


When it comes to choosing an event venue, you want one whose network can handle varying demands at all times.  Take a look at the three ways Wyebot – and our Wireless Intelligence Platform ™ (WIP) – supports these spaces.

Dense Environments

WIP gives complete visibility into a WiFi ecosystem using device fingerprinting, behavioral profiling and device pattern recognition.  With these capabilities, we can pinpoint exactly where issues lie, even explaining why one device can connect and another cannot.  It doesn’t matter how many devices are brought into a venue or how high wireless demand becomes – we take the mystery out of wireless network operations with extensive, easy to read data.

Dynamic Spaces and Device Diversity

Mobile, Cloud and the Internet of Things are three of the most important computing trends of our time.  Their development has created an on-the-go, vast demand for premier WiFi Assurance and venues’ networks should support this dynamic environment.  We use a unique mix of on-premise sensor hardware and Cloud-based, patented software to optimize every network to do just that.  WIP’s machine learning algorithms constantly learn from the environment, growing to recognize normal and abnormal network behavior, and remaining up to date with the ever changing capabilities and interoperability of network connected devices, keeping the network running efficiently.

Remote IT Support

We know most venues work with remote IT teams, and we’ve developed our platform to support both on-and-offsite staff in delivering a rapid mean time to resolution response.  Our network sensors are embedded with an extensive WiFi Test Suite, giving IT teams the exact information needed to diagnose infrastructure problems from any location.

When you need a reliable network supporting crowds, constantly evolving devices, and dynamic environments, Wyebot is the answer.  Our Wireless Intelligence Platform ™ works behind the scenes to deliver the best automatic, proactive WiFi analytics.