Improve Office WiFi | Wyebot's Proactive Analytics


We engineered our Wireless Intelligence Platform ™ (WIP) to deliver the best in WiFi optimization and remote network test capability so that when you’re in your office, the last thing on your mind is whether or not the WiFi is working.

Dynamic Spaces with Remote Support

In this mobile, WiFi world, your work isn’t confined to one desk anymore.  You need a wireless network that works strongly from every point in an office, and that’s what we want to provide.  We improve performance, reliability and security with our automatic, proactive system.  WIP saves IT staff up to 90% in time spent resolving issues – which has an even greater impact on shared office spaces, since IT teams are often remote.  Our sensors are embedded with an extensive WiFi Test Suite.  If any test fails – manual or scheduled – IT teams receive instant notifications with precise information on the problem.

Constant Optimization

You may not be in the office all the time, but we are.  WIP delivers 24/7 collection and analysis of data.  We provide detailed graphs of trends using real-time and historical information, and automatically suggest solutions to possible problems.  Your wireless network works when needed, no questions asked.

Ensuring Productivity and Connectiveness

We give you “stress-free WiFi.” WiFi has never been more important to enabling businesses. Your people and clients can now be anywhere in the world accessing their work from phones, watches, or even Alexa which all work on WiFi. Or, you might be running a client meeting remotely on Zoom, Go-to-Meeting or any other platform, and you can’t have the call stalling or the video going out. Some of the biggest computing trends – Mobile, Cloud, and the Internet of Things – have completely changed how we connect with wireless networks. You depend on wireless networks and that means they can’t fail – they can’t even stall.  We designed our platform to deliver the most complete and accurate assessment of a network so that problems are recognized before they occur – and actionable items to resolve issues are automatically suggested.  WiFi problems averted means no limit to the problems you’re solving every day.

You come to the office to craft new ideas and connect with people in the next desk, or the next state. Wyebot Assurance makes sure you can by helping provide the most efficient WiFi network for your office.