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Active Monitoring Can Save Companies Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

September 23, 2019

On September 6, RCR Wireless shared an article, Test and Measurement: IT network ‘brown-outs’ are costly and common, Netrounds finds.  The article defines brown-outs as unexpected and unintentional drops in network quality.  Surveyed companies reported that damage costs from these drops – covering direct costs of restoration, lost productivity and revenue, and customer “badwill” costs – ranged from around $400,000 to more than $700,000, with slow problem resolution contributing the most to high costs.  Those are some seriously damaging figures, and they’re expected to increase as companies adopt new technologies.  

Addressing these problems is one of the reasons we designed the Wireless Intelligence Platform™(WIP).  With autonomic WiFi Assurance, synthetic network testing, and device forensics, WIP:

  • Saves IT up to 90% in mean-time to resolution – greatly reducing the main contributing factor driving brown-out costs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Reduces WiFi problem tickets by more than 50% – reducing the issues that can lead to brown-outs.
  • Reduces remote site visits by up to 80% – saving IT time that can be devoted to other mission-critical tasks.

WIP automatically captures and analyzes data 24/7 from the entire RF environment.  This provides companies with 100% visibility into any known or unknown device and/or application communicating within the RF space..  WIP proactively assesses a network for issues. If any signs of degradation are found, the system automatically reports the information, along with actionable intelligence for resolution.  Lost productivity is greatly reduced, and there’s no need to spend hours or days searching for the root cause of issues. WIP delivers the information in real-time via proactive alerts

Wyebot’s suite of network tests works over wired and wireless networks.  To run the tests, one of Wyebot sensor’s radio connects to the network as a client device. Due to its unique multi-radio design,  other radios within the Wyebot sensor continue to capture data concurrently while tests are running. This ensures no data is lost when tests are running and that the results of the test exactly match customers’ experiences.  WIP automatically creates and displays graphs with test results, and each graph can be expanded to view historical data from the past day, week, or month, revealing any changes in performance over time. Tests run on a manual or automatic basis and, once again, results and actionable intelligence are automatically delivered to IT in real-time.

Finally, with device forensics, WIP knows exactly what devices are connected to a network, and how they are performing.  If there are issues, WIP pinpoints the root cause down to the individual client device or Access Point, preventing finger pointing and saving valuable time to resolution.

The RCR article shared that companies that run active monitoring, or run tests that mimic customer behavior have far better network reliability track records.  With WIP, companies can perform both those solutions, as well as provide client device forensics, and historical analytics. WIP is vendor agnostic, providing easy-to-use seamless integration with existing network infrastructure.  Let us deliver Wyebot Assurance to your company, and prevent costly and damaging brown-outs.