Reliable WiFi Networks for Healthcare with Wyebot

Optimizing WiFi Networks for Continuous, Reliable Healthcare

The Wireless Intelligence Platform™ proactively and automatically delivers the insights needed to ensure the wireless ecosystem is at its best, promising ease-of-use and improved performance for all healthcare environments.

Faster Problem Resolution
Complete Network Visibility
Reduced Remote Site Visits

Answers delivered in real-time

Using artificial intelligence and edge computing, WIP learns to recognize a network’s normal behavior. It knows what optimal performance looks like and alerts IT in real-time if performance degrades in any way. Alerts contain the identified root cause and actionable resolutions, so IT can solve problems faster than ever.

Know what’s on the network at all times

WIP provides instant, visual updates of the entire network, including RF analytics from non-WiFi sources. IT teams instantly know the status of all mission-critical devices and applications, and are automatically alerted if any Unknown or Unauthorized devices connect to the network.

Rapid response times regardless of problem location

WIP’s remote capabilities allow IT to view, troubleshoot, and optimize networks from any location at any time. Teams can reduce remote site visits by 80%, saving hospitals time and money while delivering WiFi Assurance.

Cost-effectively optimize and future-proof patient services

When you know how your network is being used, and how that has changed over time, you can see at a glance what needs to be done to optimize all wireless healthcare applications. WIP automatically saves detailed historical analytics, presenting decision makers with health and performance trends from the last day, week, or month. IT teams can also review past issues and suggested resolutions at any time for faster problem-solving of those complex intermittent issues.

Proactively improve the end user experience

Patient care depends on the wireless network, which makes optimizing it a mandatory high priority. With its remote capable, synthetic network test suite, WIP allows IT to run network tests over a wireless or wired connection, from any location at any time. Because the sensor connects to the network as an end user device, it delivers end user quality metrics with all reports. By proactively testing the network, IT ensures that all users experience consistent, reliable, high-performing WiFi.

A network that delivers every time

WIP can analyze and troubleshoot networks with anywhere from hundreds to thousands of devices, delivering a scalable, cost-effective solution perfect for healthcare facilities of all sizes.

90% faster resolution times

solve problems before providers, patients, and staff are affected

70% fewer WiFi problem tickets

spend more time on other critical tasks with fewer network problems

80% fewer remote site visits

the cost-efficient WIP allows IT to automatically run tests and troubleshoot issues from any location at any time

Supported Vendors

The vendor agnostic WIP provides the ultimate flexibility for all facilities

Supported Vendors Grid

WIP seamlessly integrates with existing network infrastructure and provides real-time, proactive analytics regardless of changing technology. Since WIP can be used with any vendor, it becomes the only solution IT teams need, reducing the time and money spent on training.

Supported Vendors Grid

Why Healthcare Will Never Turn Back

“The interface is very intuitive, so the learning curve was easy. So many IT systems are complicated and only one person on your team knows how to use them, but everyone on my team can use WIP, and everyone wants to use it. The platform has definitely proved itself. If someone comes to me and reports an issue, I can go to WIP, check the historical analytics, and see immediately what the problem was and how to resolve it. WIP’s WiFi automation dramatically reduces the Mean-Time-to-Resolution. I want it everywhere.”
Doug Stromberg
Director of Technology, Tri-County Hospital

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