Improve Learning Outcomes with WiFi Automation for Schools

Support Learning with High-Performing, Problem-Free WiFi Networks

The Wireless Intelligence Platform™ (WIP) proactively alerts schools to network issues, empowering IT to address problems before students and teachers are affected.

Remote Troubleshooting
Budget Friendly
24/7 Support

Support all schools from one location

With WIP’s remote capabilities, IT is no longer required to spend time traveling before resolving issues. Teams can diagnose and troubleshoot network issues from any location at any time.

Save time and money with automation

WIP automatically and proactively keeps eyes on the entire network ecosystem, updating IT in real-time whenever there is a suspected issue. It can analyze 500 devices as easily as 50,000, allowing schools to cost-effectively scale their IT department. It’s also E-Rate eligible, saving even more money for most schools.

Constant network visibility eliminates WiFi mysteries

WIP’s AI-engine analyzes network performance 24/7, empowering schools to know exactly who is on their network, what they are doing, and if any changes need to be made to keep the network secure and high-performing.

Proactively solve problems before end users are impacted

With everything from eLearning initiatives, to standardized testing, to administrative tasks depending on the WiFi, schools need networks they can rely on. WIP provides real-time alerts at the first sign of an issue. Alerts include an identified root cause and resolutions so that IT can solve problems faster than ever – often before students, teachers, or staff are ever affected.

Future-proof the network for long-lasting optimization

Keep up-to-date with health and performance trends and always know exactly what updates your network needs. WIP automatically creates graphs with historical data, allowing schools to easily see what infrastructure needs upgrading, and what doesn’t. IT can review past issues and suggested resolutions, allowing them to have complete visibility into even past intermittent issues.

A network that delivers every time

WIP is E-Rate eligible and endlessly scalable, making it a cost-effective solution perfect for schools of all sizes.

90% faster resolution times

solve problems before students, teachers, and staff are affected

70% fewer WiFi problem tickets

spend more time on other critical tasks with fewer network problems

80% fewer remote site visits

the budget friendly WIP allows IT to automatically run tests and troubleshoot issues from any location at any time

Supported Vendors

The vendor agnostic WIP provides the ultimate flexibility for school districts

Supported Vendors Grid

WIP seamlessly integrates with existing network infrastructure and provides real-time, proactive analytics regardless of changing technology. Since WIP can be used with any vendor, it becomes the only solution IT teams need, reducing the time and money spent on training.

Supported Vendors Grid

Why Real Schools Will Never Turn Back

“I was looking for something simple to use, something proactive, something that would assist us in managing our own network. WIP was the only thing out there that did what we needed at the level we needed. We’ve cleared up all existing issues and everything is running smoothly now. We haven’t even had any minor hiccups, and the support from Wyebot has been great. Check-ins and follow-up support, all great.”
Jason Castaldo
Director of Technology Systems, Bishop Verot Catholic High School.
“Wyebot helped us to ensure our wireless configuration was optimized for best performance. The Wyebot devices at the test schools delivered as promised and immediately helped us tweak, optimize, and improve performance. We now know where we need to go, what we need to do, and hardware to recommend to ensure that the network is as efficient as possible. We can’t wait to deploy WIP at every school.”
Mike Lambert
Director of Networking, Lamoille North Supervisory Union
“Wyebot’s proactive solution is always in place, always working, and it provides solutions. This means we don’t have to wait for a problem to occur before we can start troubleshooting. Our access points do provide some analytics, but Wyebot made it easier to gather data, and gave us a look at the entire network ecosystem.”
Chad Lewis
Director of Technology, Tampa Preparatory School

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