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Experience Worry-Free WiFi

AI-Driven WiFi Automation is the Easiest Way to Proactively Eliminate WiFi Performance Issues to Keep Your Business Up and Running.

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Thanks to AI-Driven WiFi Automation, the Wireless Intelligence Platform™(WIP) gives you the answers you need to solve network problems in real-time. No complexity, no mysteries. Welcome to worry-free WiFi and cost-effective future-proofing.


Eliminate intermittent WiFi performance issues and safeguard business continuity with real-time issue alerts that automatically identify the root cause and provide actionable resolutions.


Deliver high-performing WiFi networks and improve the end user experience with synthetic end user testing and historical analytics that identify overall performance trends.


Reduce costly travel to different locations with next-generation WiFi automation that delivers remote troubleshooting and optimization from any location at any time.

100,000,000+ user sessions analyzed globally

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The award-winning Wireless Intelligence Platform™ analyzes, optimizes, and automatically provides problem and solution identification for your WiFi network using its patented AI-based engine.

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Award-Winning, AI-Driven, and Easy to Use

Vendor Agnostic: No need to change your infrastructure. Our sensor gathers data from any WiFi or wired device.

Plug & Play:
No WiFi certification necessary. Simply plug the sensor into an ethernet port with internet connection, and you’re finished. WIP automatically learns how your environment behaves and self-configures.

Remote Diagnostics:
Once the sensor is installed, you can monitor, analyze, and resolve issues from wherever you’re based.

Safeguard Business Continuity
Give IT back their time and improve operational efficiency with AI-Driven WiFi Automation

faster resolution times


fewer WiFi problem tickets


fewer remote site visits

Give IT back their time and improve operational efficiency with AI-Driven WiFi Automation
Long-lasting optimization is possible without high costs or complexity.
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