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The Wireless Intelligence Platform™ makes it possible to promise and deliver business continuity, faster response times, andlLeading WiFi expertise

Complete Visibility
Vendor Agnostic
Non-Stop Monitoring

Eliminate network surprises

with WIP, MSPs can see everything that is happening on the entire WiFi ecosystem, from the performance of devices, applications, and software to the health of backend and frontend infrastructure. With its comprehensive insights, IT teams can resolve problems faster than ever, often before clients are ever affected.

One platform for all clients

the vendor-agnostic WIP seamlessly integrates with any existing infrastructure, allowing it to be used for every client. MSPs only need to learn to use one platform, and will always have data consistency, regardless of what changes are made on the client side.

Never lose information

WIP’s three radios allow it to monitor the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks 24/7 and simultaneously run network tests. This is the only way to ensure that data is never lost, which means that MSPs always have what they need to answer client questions and keep networks running optimally.

Improved Network Uptime Improves Client Relationships

Thanks to its AI-based engine, WIP learns to recognize normal network behavior and then automatically alerts providers when that behavior changes in any way. These proactive alerts include root cause identification and actionable resolutions, giving IT what they need to resolve problems 90% faster.

Automatic Report Generation for Multiple Clients at a Time

WIP can create reports that display health and performance trends over time for the entire wireless ecosystem, and provides an API for automated storing the business analytics. All reports can be exported directly from the user interface for easy sharing with clients. They support personalized business analytics for budget and network capacity planning, and deliver clear, visual updates that show clients exactly how providers have improved the health of the network.

A network that delivers every time

WIP can analyze and troubleshoot networks with anywhere from hundreds to thousands of devices, delivering a scalable, cost-effective solution.

90% faster resolution times

solve problems before clients are affected and improve client satisfaction

70% fewer WiFi problem tickets

spend more time on other critical tasks with fewer network problems

80% fewer remote site visits

the cost-efficient WIP allows IT to automatically run tests and troubleshoot issues from any location at any time

Supported Vendors

The vendor agnostic WIP provides the ultimate flexibility for all organizations

Supported Vendors Grid

WIP seamlessly integrates with existing network infrastructure and provides real-time, proactive analytics regardless of changing technology. Since WIP can be used with any vendor, it becomes the only solution IT teams need, reducing the time and money spent on training.

Supported Vendors Grid

Why Managed Service Providers Will Never Turn Back

“We’re frequently providing demonstrations at tradeshows, and tradeshows are always highly congested with WiFi traffic and devices. We had other tools we used to figure out the best option for booth set-up, but WIP simplified the process considerably, and provided us with new details. I liked its ease-of-use, and was very impressed with the level of detail it provided.”
Tom Loza
Global Director of Sales, Intel Unite® & Commercial Growth Initiatives
“When I do one-on-one product demonstrations, sometimes decision makers are concerned about adding another device to their network. We know the Intel Unite® solution won’t cause any problems, and WIP helps us share that information. We can use it to show them that our solution seamlessly connects to their existing network and will not negatively impact anything. For some of them, it’s the first time they’ve seen their entire network and all connected devices in a single dashboard.” - Tom Loza, Global Director of Sales - Intel Unite® & Commercial Growth Initiatives
Tom Loza
Global Director of Sales, Intel Unite® & Commercial Growth Initiatives
“Wyebot helped us to ensure our wireless configuration was optimized for best performance. The Wyebot devices at the test schools delivered as promised and immediately helped us tweak, optimize, and improve performance. We now know where we need to go, what we need to do, and hardware to recommend to ensure that the network is as efficient as possible. We can’t wait to deploy WIP at every school.”
Mike Lambert
Director of Networking, Lamoille North Supervisory Union
“Wyebot provided – and applied – non-manufacturer specific, best practices based on WiFi standards to ensure that our WiFi network operated at the highest possible level.”
Audi FIS Women's Ski World Cup
“Wyebot’s proactive solution is always in place, always working, and it provides solutions. This means we don’t have to wait for a problem to occur before we can start troubleshooting. Our access points do provide some analytics, but Wyebot made it easier to gather data, and gave us a look at the entire network ecosystem.”
Chad Lewis
Director of Technology, Tampa Preparatory School
“The interface is very intuitive, so the learning curve was easy. So many IT systems are complicated and only one person on your team knows how to use them, but everyone on my team can use WIP, and everyone wants to use it. The platform has definitely proved itself. If someone comes to me and reports an issue, I can go to WIP, check the historical analytics, and see immediately what the problem was and how to resolve it. WIP’s WiFi automation dramatically reduces the Mean-Time-to-Resolution. I want it everywhere.”
Doug Stromberg
Director of Technology, Tri-County Hospital
“An assurance solution is essential in any organization-class Wi-Fi installation, but even more important today is an assurance solution with the AI-driven smarts to quickly identify - and resolve - those problems that always seem to creep in at the worst possible moment. That’s why we use WIP.”
Craig Mathias
Farpoint Group
“I was looking for something simple to use, something proactive, something that would assist us in managing our own network. WIP was the only thing out there that did what we needed at the level we needed. We’ve cleared up all existing issues and everything is running smoothly now. We haven’t even had any minor hiccups, and the support from Wyebot has been great. Check-ins and follow-up support, all great.”
Jason Castaldo
Director of Technology Systems, Bishop Verot Catholic High School.
“The ease of use of Wyebot’s plug-and-play solution enables us to proactively maintain the quality of our WiFi environment in our NY City headquarters. The site had been suffering from intermittent WiFi issues that were hard to diagnose and fix prior to our Wyebot deployment. The Wyebot WIP platform and its actionable insights allow us to quickly narrow down the cause and solve the issue.”
“Wyebot is plugged in and collecting data. Literally took me longer to drive to and from the campus than it took to set up.”
"Thank you for your excellent support today with our first use of the Wyebot!!!! Your help and the Wyebot analysis did the trick in helping us find the "smoking gun" with our problem. It was the speed and we discovered the router actually negotiated a lower speed to our WAN when a WAN support person replaced a failed fiber converter on our circuit a couple of weeks ago. So, not only did we find the smoking gun, but we got the trigger. The how, why and when and what to do to prevent it from happening again all came together quickly, thanks to Wyebot.”

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