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Problem of the Week: How Scheduled Tests Support Quick Problem Resolution

July 22, 2019

Network tests are an important tool for measuring a network’s performance and availability.  All networks are dynamic and complex, so testing should be run on a continuous periodic basis for active monitoring.  Customers using Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform™ (WIP) can use WIP’s Synthetic Network Test Suite to automatically run tests on a periodic schedule – every 10 minutes, once per hour, once per day, or whatever interval works for their site.  

The tests can validate the important parts of a network such as servers, connectivity to internal and external websites, authentication systems, and other critical pieces of infrastructure.  WIP’s MySSID workflow can also automatically create scheduled network tests (both wired and wireless) for a sensor, and WIP can send automatic alerts if any test fails.  

These scheduled tests are particularly valuable after network maintenance is performed.  During a maintenance window, a number of changes can take place on the network that can cause problems.  This can include new firmware on the APs, ACL changes on routers and switches, new equipment and policy changes on the firewall.  Once maintenance is complete, it is important to know that the network is still performing optimally – both directly after the work, and then over the next few days.  Scheduled tests are an efficient way to review the entire network, and to enable IT staff to quickly address any problems. 

For example:

If a new firewall ruleset is implemented, WIP’s Application and Ping tests can verify proper internet connectivity for all SSIDs.

WIP’s Speed Test verifies that all expected SLA performance parameters are met, ensuring that a maintenance update didn’t affect the time it takes to load a web page, download an app, or establish a new connection.

WIP’s other tests – iPerf, Device Monitoring, Device Discovery – cover all other aspects of a network, ensuring that users always experience an efficient and optimized network.