The Most Important Technology to Bring to the Office: WiFi Assurance |

The Most Important Technology to Bring to the Office: WiFi Assurance

August 10, 2020

If you want to increase, or even simply maintain, productivity and engagement in your office, you need a strong and reliable wireless network.  No longer simply a nice-to-have perk, many critical day-to-day operations depend on the WiFi.  Any issues that result in downtime, reduced throughput, or other challenges can have a serious impact on business growth and reputation.  An optimized and protected WiFi results in a streamlined and protected business, and the best way to ensure that optimization is with a WiFi Assurance solution.

What do WiFi Assurance Solutions Do?

These solutions deliver the analytics needed for predictable and reliable WiFi that works day-in and day-out, no questions asked.  It’s right there in the name: assurance – free from doubt or uncertainty; confident in one’s abilities.

When choosing an Assurance solution, look for one that offers complete network visibility, proactive testing, and constant AI-based monitoring.

Complete Network Visibility 

WiFi issues can’t be resolved until the root cause of the issue is identified.  This can require IT teams to sort through thousands of data packets.  This lengthy and time-consuming process is made more difficult by the fact that many issues are intermittent, and in order to capture the necessary packets, IT must be monitoring the network at the exact moment the issue strikes.  But what if the problem occurs Monday afternoon and then not again until Wednesday morning?  What if it happened in the middle of the night when no one was onsite?  IT teams will get to the bottom of the issue and devise a resolution, but with the right support, they could do so immediately, freeing up more time for mission-critical initiatives.

With complete visibility IT can see everything connected to the network and identify and categorize client devices and infrastructure.  After identifying all devices, the solution can learn to recognize normal network behavior.  With predictive analytics, WiFi Assurance solutions take that data and use it to alert IT to any abnormalities in performance.  This allows teams to resolve potential issues before they strike and cause damage either to the network or to end-users’ experience.  Intel reported that it saved an estimated $656 million per year in business value thanks to predictive analytics in sales, supply chain, factory, and manufacturing operations. 

Constant Monitoring

Networks are complex and dynamic.  They can be affected by newly connected devices, neighboring office networks, interference from non-WiFi sources like microwaves, outdated APs, overloaded servers…the list goes on and on.  They are constantly undergoing change – day and night – and that means that it takes constant monitoring and work to keep them in an optimized state.  Rather than tasking someone in IT to spend 24 hours on monitoring duty, work with a WiFi Assurance solution.

Because these solutions aren’t people, they don’t ever need breaks.  Their “eyes” can be on every point of the network ecosystem at all times, monitoring the office’s smart printers, laptops and tablets, APs, applications, and more all at once.  If there are any issues or potential trouble spots, these solutions alert IT in real-time with all relevant data.

Be sure to work with a multi-radio solution that can monitor the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrums at the same time.  If solutions don’t have enough radios, they have to switch back and forth, meaning that data is lost and potential trouble-spots missed.  Ideally, you want at least three radios: one for each spectrum and one for continuous testing.

Proactive Testing

The best way to ensure strong, reliable network performance is through proactive measures like scheduled network tests.  Scheduling tests is a great way to monitor the performance of the entire ecosystem on a consistent basis and measure end user experience.  Be sure to work with a testing solution that sends automatic alerts if any test fails.  This enables IT to jump on resolutions immediately.

As mentioned above, with three radios, a WiFi Assurance solution can test various aspects of the network while still collecting data.  This is the only way to guarantee 100%, constant visibility and monitoring.

Optimization that Lasts

Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP) is an award winning, patented WiFi Assurance solution.  It delivers the data and analytic insights needed to proactively optimize a wireless ecosystem – eliminating WiFi issues before they affect end-users.  With WIP, companies see:

  • 90% faster Mean-Time-to-Resolution (MTTR)
  • 80% fewer onsite troubleshooting visits
  • 50% fewer problem WiFi tickets

WIP is vendor agnostic so it seamlessly integrates with existing network infrastructure and provides future-proofing against ever changing wireless technology.  It is also remote capable, supporting IT in optimizing the network from any location at any time.

As a multi-radio solution, WIP can continuously monitor the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrums and support continuous testing.  During testing, one of its radios connects to the network as a client device, ensuring that test results accurately reflect end-user experience.

Additionally, the Wireless Intelligence Platform:

  • Provides complete wireless ecosystem visibility
  • Automatically produces actionable intelligence for faster MTTR
  • Supports WiFi 6 (802.11ax) technology
  • Delivers proactive and automated detection, notification, and mitigation of existing or potential issues
  • Monitors the entire radio frequency (RF) spectrum 24/7

View the datasheet for more details.

Bring WiFi Assurance to your office(s) today and protect your company’s productivity and reputation now and in the future.