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When “the WiFi is down” but it isn’t the WiFi

April 18, 2019

From a user’s point of view, any issue with connecting to the Internet is an issue with the WiFi.  Users turn to each other and complain that the WiFi is down again, and that’s what they expect IT to fix.  But anyone working in IT knows that the WiFi is only one part of a vast, dynamic network, and the issue could actually lie within any piece of that ecosystem.  There are different servers, switches, firewalls, devices, etc.  They are all essential to the network, and problems arise if any piece stops working properly.

Trying to pin down what caused an issue takes valuable time, and discovering how to resolve it can take even longer.  IT’s secret weapon in combating these issues is network tests.  Network tests manually and automatically test each of the various pieces of a network, making it possible to determine the network health of every part of the ecosystem.  This removes the mystery and confusion over what is causing problems, and enables IT to jump right to fixing the problem, saving everyone valuable time. 

Wyebot’s network tests include an Internet connectivity and ping test, an application test, a speed test, throughput testing, a device monitor test, a device discovery test, and a security audit test.  Tests can be run remotely, and automatic updates are sent to IT with pertinent information on any failure.