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Filling out eRate Form 470?

It is critical that the “Category” and “Service Type” are correct! Here’s the information you will need:


2 (Two)

Service Type

Managed Internal Broadband Services (MIBS)


Leased Equipment

Sample Narrative

<School / Library Name> is seeking bids for approximately (Quantity N) Wyebot Wireless Intelligent Platform Sensor subscriptions or equivalent. This managed service must be a cloud managed WiFi diagnostic monitoring tool that is vendor agnostic with proactive and reactive troubleshooting capabilities. The sensor devices must be 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz capable and have at least 3 WiFi radios that are 802.11ac or higher. It must be able to do 24/7 data collection with historical analytics. Should include capability to perform a suite of network tests over wired and wireless networks remotely, including packet capture capabilities. The sensors need to have bluetooth and spectrum analysis capability built in. The vendor must provide pricing for 1, 3, and 5 year plans; including hardware upgrades and replacement warranty, technical support and maintenance, and software upgrades for the entire duration of each plan offering.

Wyebot 498 ID (aka SPIN)


Our SKU information is as follows:

SKU: L-1001-N0 : 1 year Subscription Service

SKU: L-1003-N0 : 3 year Subscription Service

SKU: L-1005-N0 : 5 year Subscription Service

For any additional questions about the e-Rate process, please email us at erate@wyebot.com
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