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Critical AI-Driven WiFi Automation 

The E-Rate Program was created to give schools affordable access to the information and technology services needed by all students in today’s digital environment. While important pre-pandemic, these services are even more critical now. WiFi Automation allows small IT teams to save time and money by proactively alerting you to issues with the network, providing in-depth historical analytics for troubleshooting and avoiding ticket complaints all together.

Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP) offers all of this and more, and is E-Rate eligible. Sign-up to receive information on how to apply for E-Rate for WIP.

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    Gain Efficiency for Less

    WiFi Assurance

    • Proactive 24/7 detection, notification, and actionable resolutions of existing and suspected issues so that problems are resolved before end users are impacted
    • Automated scheduled network tests, providing end user quality metrics and alerting IT immediately to any failures
    • Support for WiFi 6 (802.11ax) technology

    Operational Efficiency

    • Historical analytics reveal trends over time for effective budget and capacity planning
    • Single AI-based solution that scales from a single building to a whole campus
    • Immediately identify Unauthorized APs for greater network security as well as protected bandwidth

    Save Time and Money

    • 90% Decrease in Mean-Time-to-Resolution
    • 60% Decrease in WiFi Problem Tickets
    • 80% Decrease in Remote Site Visits

    Our Solution – The Wireless Intelligence Platform

    • Complete Wireless Ecosystem Visibility
    • Automated Detection, Notification & Actionable Resolutions
    • Remote Network Test Suite
    • Historical Analytics
    • Security Breach Detection
    • Export Data, Reporting, and Logging
    • Vendor Agnostic

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