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As an avid traveler (all 50 US states and 6 out of 7 continents), the mapping of a plan, managing adversity and thrill of the adventure are similar to Roger’s position as CEO


Anil’s passion about WiFi directs the team in an industry-leading innovative direction. He loves watching his movies and taking lots of walks and hikes in the surrounding area


A fitness enthusiast, Diane brings that Ironman energy and endurance to building great teams and in her responsibilities as VP Marketing and Business Development


With over 15 years designing, deploying and troubleshooting WiFi, Mike reads through wireless packet captures like he’s looking at the Matrix.


As a mom of identical twins and 20 years selling in multiple industries, Courtney has a “bring it on” mentality that bodes well for the team at Wyebot.


John has a long history of WiFi product development. He can often be found spending time with his family or on a disc golf course.


David is a long-time protocol, embedded, and open-source developer. He is an Apple fan, recent kayaking enthusiast, and proud father of a high-school daughter.


Madhuri uses her love for painting, art and design to contribute to Wyebot’s development, customer service and operations in creative ways.


Sneha leverages her MS in Computer Science to create innovative ideas to enhance Wyebot’s AI engine. She enjoys playing ping pong & cooking up a storm.


As a Registered Nurse who transitioned to the business world Christine knows what it’s like to help people. Her creative side enjoys finding solutions to get the job done.


With 20 years of Inside Sales and Business Development experience, David enjoys helping customers solve business challenges. He loves all sports, especially golf!


Wilma, the corporate mascot, comes to Wyebot from The Mather Group and has a big job watching over us and keeping the office fun and energetic.

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