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Automatically, Proactively Prepare Your WiFi Network for the Holiday and Giving Season

December 6, 2021

The holiday season is officially upon us. That means many businesses and organizations are gearing up for their busy season – a time of increased site visits and product movement. For sustained success, they require assurance that their WiFi networks will work as needed, when needed – no questions asked. This is because most critical business operations depend on the WiFi. If it’s unreliable, productivity and operational efficiency take a serious hit.

With networks consisting of thousands of connected devices, apps, and data packets, optimizing the WiFi is no simple task. IT professionals must have eyes on everything if they are to identify issues in real-time and solve them as quickly as possible. This is a task that isn’t possible without the help of WiFi automation platforms.

Why WiFi automation?

These platforms support IT by: 

  • Monitoring the entire WiFi ecosystem, 
  • Proactively identifying issues before end users are affected, and 
  • Automatically alerting IT to any problems while supplying actionable solutions for fast resolutions.

They change WiFi optimization from a slow, complicated, manual, and reactive process to one that is fast, simple, automatic, and proactive. 

To ensure that your network is ready for hundreds or thousands of online orders and online donations a day, let a WiFi automation platform handle the following tasks: 

Proactively test the shopping/donating experience

Your holiday campaigns will see limited success if you don’t make sure that the shopping/donating experience is issue-free.  Schedule end user quality tests to run automatically and frequently so that your IT team always has an in-depth understanding of exactly what end users are experiencing. 

If a test fails for any reason, IT should receive a real-time alert that contains the failure, the reason for the failure (identified root cause), and actionable resolutions. This gives teams what they need to resolve problems before end users are affected.

Keep inventory updated in real-time

This season is often the season of rush orders. It’s imperative that you know the exact state of your inventory minute-to-minute so that you can give customers and employees the most accurate information possible. 

These up-to-date insights and communications often rely on apps and IoT monitoring devices, both of which depend on the WiFi. The network therefore needs to be reliable, available, and high-performing 24/7. Any downtime or interference can mean the difference between record holiday sales and dissatisfied customers.

With a platform automatically alerting IT to issues and providing actionable resolutions, companies can rest assured that all end users have the information they need when they need it.

Actively and automatically ensure network security

The last thing you ever want is a security breach, and that goes double for the holiday season. Not only can a breach have serious, immediate repercussions for customers and employees, it can also affect your bottom line and reputation for months to come. Make sure that an automation platform is regularly checking firewalls, servers, and switches. If anything out of the ordinary happens, you want to know immediately. That means real-time monitoring and automatic alerts are necessary.

Monitor and optimize remote sites

Many sites don’t have a full-time IT presence. When those sites experience network issues, there can be a costly delay in resolution as IT must travel to the site before they can identify the root cause of the issue and resolve it. During the holiday and giving season, every second counts, which makes avoiding these delays critical.

Automation platforms provide an answer by giving IT remote access to the network. The entire network can be reviewed at all times, and issues can be identified and resolved from any location.

Prepare for next year

The platform needs to analyze and save all WiFi network analytics, not only during the 2021 holiday season but also throughout the year. This historical data gives you the insights you need to understand exactly what your network was asked to support and how it performed. This makes it easier for decision makers to determine how to best upgrade/update the network for the future.

Choose the right platform

The Wireless Intelligence Platform™ is best-in-class, award winning, and vendor agnostic. It saves companies and IT professionals time, energy, and money by delivering:

  • 90% faster Mean-Times-to-Resolution
  • 70% fewer WiFi problem tickets
  • 80% fewer remote site visits

Schedule a demo or free trial today and see what WIP can do for you.