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End Network Worries with Next-Level Automation: Wyebot and Cisco Join Forces

April 11, 2024

Staying ahead of your competition is impossible without WiFi and wired networks that consistently and reliably operate at peak performance. Wyebot, the leader in AI-driven network automation, just announced a game-changing integration with Cisco Catalyst Center. This integration is the answer for enterprises who need to protect business continuity and eliminate network worries.

Enhanced Network Automation

The integration between Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform™ (WIP) and Cisco’s Catalyst Center gives organizations access to comprehensive insights designed to make network optimization effortless. Since the network is the lifeblood of all other resources, this new enhanced, personalized experience delivers the answers companies need to keep operating.

  • Elite Customer Benefits

Cisco Catalyst Center is a powerful system for network management that leverages AI to connect, secure, and automate network operations. By leveraging its data, Wyebot now gives organizations even more control over their network performance. Say hello to an individualized interface platform with immediate access to client and network telemetry data..

  • Proactive WiFi Assurance

True assurance comes from the ability to eliminate issues before they cause problems. WIP combines real time insights and automated troubleshooting to give IT teams answers as soon as problems are detected. The solution’s AI-powered predictive analytics allow it to anticipate potential network issues, giving IT the power to streamline operations before UX (user experience) suffers. The solution is easily scalable, tailored to support growth and expansion in any industry.

Keep Yourself Ahead

This integration adds to Wyebot’s list of globally respected affiliates, which includes an integration of Intel Connectivity Analytics.

Whether you want to enhance the digital experience, boost network performance, improve reliability, or reduce operational costs, these integrations are tailored to meet your demands. The future of your network is found here.

Uninterested in success? You could stop here and say no to:

  • Less downtime: 90% faster resolutions
  • Happier customers and employees: 70% fewer network problems
  • Better budget control: 80% fewer remote site visits

Or, you could choose to give your business the safety net it needs to thrive. Ready to learn more about how Wyebot and Cisco can revolutionize your network and productivity? Click here to read the full press release and discover the considerable benefits of this integration.