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Extracting our Dashboard Data Using an API

February 1, 2021

If you aren’t familiar with API technology, you may be wondering what exactly Wyebot just added with our latest software release. This quick guide will give you the important details on the what, how, why, and who of API support.

What does our API offer?

API, or Application Programming Interface, support provides third parties with another option for accessing WIP’s valuable data. The normal lifecycle of data is as follows: 

  • The Wyebot IoT Sensor monitors the entire RF spectrum and uses edge computing to generate events of interest and valuable analytics; 
  • Pertinent events are sent to the cloud over a secure MQTT connection; 
  • Once in the cloud, AI-based engines execute advanced algorithms (long-term pattern recognition, fingerprinting, and behavioral profiling); 
  • This data is presented as meaningful, easy-to-understand intelligence on WIP’s dashboard. WIP highlights the overall state of the network, any identified problems, and actionable solutions.

Part of WIP’s value lies in its easy-to-use and simple to navigate dashboard – there is no special training required before WIP can be used. So how is the API different? With the new interface, third-parties can now access WIP’s data directly and display it on their own dashboard, rather than switching between their own management platform and WIP’s dashboard.

How does the API work?

Wyebot’s development team has created an API document that describes all the commands that a customer can use to access the data. This gives our partners the flexibility to decide what information they want and how often they want it. This is a living document that will be added to in the future as new capabilities are added – whatever data is on WIP’s dashboard, the API will make available for other dashboards.

Why did we create an API?

Even though WIP’s dashboard is easy-to-use, Wyebot understands that our partners have their own management platform and that sometimes it’s simply easier to only have to refer to one user interface. With the API, all network engineers can still access WIP’s incredibly valuable data, data not available elsewhere, but they can do it through their own platform.

Who will find the API feature useful?

Different parties will want to use the API for different reasons. Here is a general breakdown:

  • Technology partners who want access to WIP’s data to add more value to their service can use the API to integrate all data into one management platform so that their customers can continue using the service with which they are most familiar.
  • Managed service providers who are using their own software can integrate WIP’s data for more advanced insights into each managed network.
  • End customers who want to perform advanced processing on WIP’s data can use the API to access the specific data wanted whenever it is needed.

As always with any new software release, Wyebot’s goal is to remove the mystery from wireless networks so that network optimization becomes something we can all take for granted. Contact us with any questions – about the API or WIP in general – and we’ll be happy to help.