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How do you troubleshoot last week’s problems?

May 16, 2019

It’s an unfortunate fact that, frequently, problems are not reported to IT while they are occurring. Maybe this is because IT isn’t onsite, maybe it’s because the problem seemed to resolve itself quickly, or maybe it didn’t seem like a big enough problem to warrant flagging down IT. Whatever the reason, the fact is that IT is frequently told something along the lines of, “It took 20 minutes for all the Chromebooks to connect last week,” or, “I couldn’t share my screen with the smartboard on Monday.” It’s impossible to troubleshoot a problem that isn’t currently happening, so what is IT supposed to do? How to ensure the problem won’t occur again?

This is when the Wireless Intelligent Platform’s™ (WIP) Client Device Forensics steps in to save the day. With this feature, it isn’t impossible to troubleshoot past issues. The behavior profile and forensics of all devices and the entire network is captured by any nearby sensor, and then sent to the WIP Cloud to be analyzed 24/7. Analytics are saved, giving IT the capability to travel back in time and look at historical data on the past day, week or month, and determine exactly what caused the reported issue. Then, with the relevant information clearly displayed, IT can take steps to prevent any recurrence. With Wyebot’s WIP, users experience up to a 90% reduction in mean-time to resolution.