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Importance of WiFi Automation for Distributed Enterprises

January 14, 2021

For most, if not all, businesses, one of the most important resources is the WiFi network. This holds doubly true for distributed enterprises where IT must be able to remain in close contact and monitor network efficiency across sites, offices, and warehouses that could be as far away as the other side of the world. Not only does the WiFi provide quick and easy communication, but it also supports a variety of IoT devices needed to manage business performance.

Ensuring robust and reliable WiFi therefore becomes a critical responsibility. This requires network administrators and professionals to have up-to-the-second data on the performance of the entire wireless ecosystem: the RF environment, all connected devices, infrastructure, and any nearby networks using the same airspace. The most cost-effective and efficient way to receive this data, and optimize the WiFi, is with WiFi Automation.

24-Hour Coverage

The wireless network is dynamic. There is no such thing as optimizing the WiFi on Monday and trusting it to work flawlessly until EOB on Friday. Change is a constant in the world of WiFi, and anyone who doesn’t have 24/7 complete network visibility is missing out.

With tens of thousands of connected devices to monitor, not to mention infrastructure and intermittent interference issues, all spread across multiple locations, providing 24/7 coverage is more than a one man job. In fact, it’s more than a human job. With thousands of data packets sent and received every second, wireless networks have now surpassed the amount of data that a human can analyze in a timely manner. This is where WiFi Automation comes into play.

WiFi Automation platforms use artificial intelligence to keep eyes on the network at all times. Because machines never tire, these platforms work unceasingly, day and night, which is an especially great asset for network professionals responsible for networks in different time zones. With the platform analyzing the entire network ecosystem, and proactively reporting all issues to IT, IT teams can spend more time on other critical tasks and resolve issues faster when they do occur.

For the best ROI, work with a platform like Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP). Thanks to its multiple radios, WIP never stops monitoring and analyzing the 5GHz and 2.4GHz spectrums, not even when it needs to run network tests. This gives IT professionals consistent data on network health and end user experience. The platform also automatically identifies the root cause of issues and provides actionable solutions with all issue alerts for up to 90% faster Mean-Time-to-Resolution.

Reduce Site Visits

Whether IT is traveling across town or across the country, site visits cost companies time and money. If IT teams need to be onsite to resolve issues, longer travel times mean a delay in resolutions, which can impact business performance and operational efficiency. The answer is to work with a WiFi Automation platform that provides remote access.

With the ability to remotely monitor and troubleshoot all WiFi networks, IT can keep networks optimized from any location. Not only does this save time during normal business operations, but it becomes crucial during any situation that makes travel impossible – whether due to weather, health, or other issues.

With this support and constant coverage, IT teams know that no matter where they are based and where issues originate, problems can be solved in real-time. 

Once plugged in, WIP begins working in minutes, and companies see an 80% decrease in remote site visits.

Vendor Agnostic

Distributed enterprises don’t require all locations to use the same WiFi vendors, which makes sense. However, administrators can streamline network management and monitoring if only one WiFi Automation platform needs to be used. This is exactly why WIP is vendor agnostic.

Thanks to this capability, WIP will work with:

  • A site’s existing technology, 
  • Will continue working if a site changes vendors,
  • And will work with all of an enterprise’s locations, providing expert level analytics and insights, including neighbor WiFi networks that could be using any WiFi vendor.

Additionally, Wyebot provides an Application Programming Interface (API) so that customers can pull data directly from our database in AWS to integrate into their end user dashboards for one management platform.

Support Business Performance with WiFi Automation

As WiFi continues to evolve, both in terms of technologies and importance, it’s critical to have a solution in place that ensures optimization now and into the future. Work with a WiFi Automation platform today, and see immediate resolutions. Say goodbye to performance and connectivity issues and focus on presenting your business’s best self to the world.