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Not Another Tool in Your WiFi’s Belt

September 16, 2019

Does this sound familiar?  You attend a tradeshow and learn about a new WiFi monitoring/analytics tool.  You get excited and sign up for a training session, but then the training is complicated.  Perhaps the tool doesn’t provide all the information you need; or it’s too complex to use, requiring an expert to be onsite; or maybe it’s handheld, requiring you to walk around your site picking up data, and you realize you don’t have time in your schedule for that.  Whatever the reason, you end up walking away. Or worse – you purchase the tool, but don’t ever use it.  

This isn’t an uncommon scenario.  There are a number of monitoring tools on the market, including the controller/interface provided by an AP vendor, but many people find they don’t provide all the answers needed for problem resolution and prevention.  The data might be incomplete, it might be buried so deeply in the tool it’s difficult to find, or, the tool might log information, but then require IT to spend valuable hours sifting through logs to discover the root cause of issues.

WiFi networks are dynamic and complex.  People need an analytics tool robust enough to capture every bit of information, but user friendly enough that it doesn’t require months of training to operate.  That’s why we designed the Wireless Intelligence Platform™ (WIP).

Plug-n-Play, Then Walk Away

  • WIP plugs in and gets to work automatically.  There’s no need to walk it around a building, or sit with it to run diagnostics.  Once it’s plugged in, it’s working 24/7 to automatically gather analytics from the entire RF environment.  It analyzes anything and everything in the WiFi ecosystem (wired and wireless), providing 100% visibility.
  • It’s also vendor agnostic, providing seamless integration with existing infrastructure and future-proofing against changing technology.

Actionable Intelligence from a “Network Engineer in a Box”

  • WIP automatically analyzes the entire WiFi network, and then proactively presents IT with actionable information on specific issues.  Are customers experiencing network connection issues because of the DHCP server, a firewall, or an AP? WIP automatically provides the information in real-time, along with possible solutions, so IT can quickly work on resolutions.  All information is displayed on an easy-to-use user interface, no digging required. It’s as if a network engineer said, “Here’s what I think is happening, and here’s how I think we should fix it.”

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