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Picking the Right Capacity Plan

January 25, 2019

A client purchased the latest and greatest access point (AP) to create a space where every device in their school would get over 25 Mbps. However, a quick check on device analytics revealed that they were operating at a far lower streaming speed.  The client wondered if there was an issue with the AP, or if it was worth trying to fit another AP into the space.

The Wireless Intelligence Platform™ (WIP) was brought in to determine what the issue was. WIP automatically collected and processed all network activity.  Its analytics displayed what devices, and how many of each, were on the network. Using this information, the client now knew what spatial streams and data rates the AP and devices had in common.  This information determines streaming speeds. WIP’s analytics revealed what streaming speeds were realistically possible, based on the devices on the network, and what streaming speeds were necessary, based on network activity.  

The client continued using these analytics and WIP’s historical forensics to track how network usage and devices changed over time.  This information enabled the client to create efficient and cost-effective capacity plans for all future network updates.