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Superpower Computing Trends and Wireless Networks

May 17, 2018

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMWare, Inc., recently said that the term ‘superpowers’ should be expanded from thoughts of major nations to include “four extraordinary technological superpowers that promise to wield as much influence over the next 20 years as any nation state: mobile technology, the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT).”

Let’s take a look at each capability and how together they are changing the way we interact with the world.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology began as a new form of communication – simple devices used it for phone calls and messaging.  Now, people use the same technology for navigation, Internet access, marketing…the list goes on and on.  The evolution of the technology has seen it reach into virtually every aspect of human lives in an effort to connect people, and save them time and resources.  Gelsinger shared in an interview that he thinks this is the trend that really has the opportunity to make the greatest impact on humanity.

The Cloud

Cloud computing changed the game.  With the cloud, people no longer had to solely rely on personal hard drives for file storage.  Data could be accessed from anywhere and from any device, and effortlessly shared.  As businesses saw things happening faster and cheaper, along with improvements in productivity and innovation, the cloud continued to grow.  “Today, 9 out of 10 organizations worldwide rely on the public cloud, as governments and private-sector businesses alike tap into the scale and flexibility which it provides.”

Artificial Intelligence

AI provides tremendous opportunities for innovation and discovery.  It’s only possible with tremendous computing power, and might be the superpower trend with which people are least familiar, at least outside of science-fiction books and movies.  Gelsinger points to the “hand that sees,” a project led by biomedical engineers at Newcastle University and funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, as an example of what AI can contribute to the world.

The Internet of Things

IoT is a fun phrase, and one that is popping up more and more.  It describes the practice of wirelessly connecting different objects to the Internet, thereby changing what can communicate with what and how data can be shared.  These objects can be anything from watches, to lightbulbs, to toys, to driverless cars.  It’s estimated that 8.4 billion IoT devices were in use in 2017, an increase of 31% from 2016, and that the number will only continue growing, perhaps reaching 20.4 billion by 2020.

Wyebot’s Connection

None of these superpower trends could change the world without strong and efficient wireless networks.  This is a field Wyebot passionately works in, bringing the best possible WiFi to people everywhere.  Its Wireless Intelligence Platform ™ features market leading sensor technology that uniquely combines plug-n-play on-premise hardware and cloud-based, patent-pending software to bring unparalleled predictive analytics to any client.  Working proactively means Wyebot stays ahead of any new technological changes, and ensures wireless networks are optimized to support new growth and change in mobile technology, the cloud, AI, and the IoT.

Wyebot’s platform collects and analyzes data 24/7 from all devices affecting wireless communication.  Its interface automatically presents clear problem statements with actionable items to correct any existing issues, or to proactively prevent issues from occurring.  Through its advanced machine learning, it evolves to constantly remain up to date with the ever changing capability and interoperability of network devices – so no matter what new IoT device enters the world, Wyebot makes sure the network continues running smoothly.  In this mobile world, its expansive remote network test suite has the ability to run scheduled or manual tests, and automatically sends reports to IT teams.

Any business looking to integrate more with the superpower technological trends should ensure it has the best wireless network.  Work with Wyebot today to make that goal a standard operating procedure now and in the future.