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Wyebot in Use: Extra Support Always Available

June 17, 2019

At Wyebot, our team has a combined 75 years of WiFi experience. We used that experience to create a best-in-class, enterprise-grade, Autonomic WiFi Assurance™ solution.  Our Wireless Intelligence Platform™ (WIP) is a “network-engineer-in-a-box,” providing proactive insights and actionable steps for network optimization that can be followed even if you aren’t a network engineer; and if some extra help is needed, we’ve built that in as well.  WIP is a subscription-based model, which means that all hardware, software, and upgrades are included, along with access to our amazing team. Our WiFi experts are available and ready to help you implement and utilize WIP in a way that’s most effective for your organization.

This offered support is what attracted one of our customers to our product.  She worked for a school, and wanted an analytics platform that would help with channel planning.  She selected WIP and, thanks to the platform’s diagnostics, she discovered that there was a lot of broadcast/multicast traffic on the school’s network.  As we’ve discussed here, broadcast/multicast traffic is normal, but too many devices sending that traffic can bog a network down.  To optimize a network, that traffic should be kept to a minimum. There are nine possible mitigation solutions:

  1. Make smaller broadcast domains
  2. Use multicast to unicast conversion (if available with your AP vendor)
  3. Increase multicast transmit rate (this should be used cautiously)
  4. Dynamic multicast rate adjustment (if available with your AP vendor)
  5. Dynamically adjust channel width for multicast transmissions (must be used in conjunction with 3 and 4, and depends on AP vendor)
  6. Have AP implement Address Resolution Protocol (ARP proxy), and ARP suppression
  7. Bonjour traffic suppression via Bonjour Gateway and/or AP vendor-specific solution
  8. Connect fixed devices using multicast-based discovery mechanism via wired networks
  9. Disable peer-to-peer communication

Our school customer received this information via her WIP dashboard, and had some questions about implementation.  She reached out to us, and we were able to work with her so that she could understand her options and make the appropriate configuration changes.  These were minor changes that made a big difference in the health and usability of the school’s network.

At Wyebot, our goal is to take the mystery out of wireless networks, and to enable them to function so flawlessly that an optimized performance is taken for granted.  We achieve that with our products and with our people.