“I’ve tried everything possible and cannot figure it out.” | Wyebot

“I’ve tried everything possible and cannot figure it out.”

January 22, 2019

One of our clients, a school whose programs cover Pre K through 9th grade, uses around 20 smartboards throughout its campus.  When smartboards in certain parts of the school stopped working, students’ education was directly impacted.  IT personnel at the school troubleshot potential issues in several areas – software, hardware and the WiFi – with no success.  The school contacted its AP vendor and the smartboard manufacturer. Both requested wireless packet captures taken using an independent 3rd party device.  Providing this information and using it to find a resolution were the school’s primary drivers in purchasing the Wyebot solution.

Our Wireless Intelligence Platform ™ (WIP) worked nonstop gathering data and providing it to the school, the AP vendor, and the smartboard manufacturer.  WIP’s data revealed that the smartboard was repeatedly transmitting frames that were not being acknowledged by the access point; and, revealed that the problem only occurred with SSIDs that used a certain form of AES encryption, and not with an open network.  WIP’s analytics not only provided crucial information, but also meant that the school was not forced to compromise its technology.