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WiFi Analytics: The Secret to Transforming Network Operations

January 15, 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As the years pass, we see more and more people using WiFi.  Over three billion people connect to the Internet using a wireless connection from their homes, offices, schools and universities. More gadgets are added to wireless networks every day with the adoption of cloud-based services and the ever-growing Internet of Things.  The way we interact with networks is changing, and that means the way we manage and monitor networks must also adapt to fit this new world. That’s why WiFi assurance is a necessity

Business Support and Network Support

Now that Internet users no longer plug into a network from one location, how are network problems and network usage understood?  The answer is the burgeoning arena of WiFi analytics. WiFi analytics are any number of tools that assist in the analysis and optimization of a WiFi network, and when we say ‘any number of tools,’ we really mean it.  Think of the exploding number of devices that connect to the Internet and the countless ways we interact with WiFi throughout our day.  WiFi analytics are called upon to be many different things to many different people.  Let’s look at just a few for a greater understanding of why these tools are so necessary.


It probably comes as no surprise that as far as higher-education students are concerned, peak hours for WiFi usage are from 10pm-2am.  In other words, the most demand is placed on a network when IT staff is not onsite.  So, what happens?  WiFi analytical tools step up and collect data, which is then used to display trends in terms of network utilization.  How was the performance and liability of the network during those hours?  Were there peaks that caused congestion?  Certain devices that experienced trouble more than others?  Are these issues likely to repeat?  Instead of slogging through volumes of data and screenshots from different systems, IT staff use WiFi analytics to get clear and concise answers to these questions.

In fact, let’s take this a step further.  The ratio of devices to students is approaching 4:1.  Higher education campuses need analytics and metrics into the types of devices coming onto networks.  Are they access points, printers, gaming devices, phones or something new?  Having and understanding these metrics puts campuses in a position to know how to build out infrastructure to support the connectivity of devices, before networks are degrading or experiencing performance problems.


WiFi is an incredibly useful piece of technology for retailers as they seek to drive value to customers.  Want to know how often someone entered a store and where he or she spent their time?  WiFi analytics can do that.  With sensors and access points, it is possible to gather data on where people spend their time and from there provide metrics and analysis on behavior patterns.

On the back-end, performance metrics are needed to understand how devices are working, whether that’s point of sale devices, bar code scanners or even robots used in warehouses.  All devices today are mobile and businesses must understand how these devices perform in order to optimize networks not only for today’s needs but also for future usage.

Wyebot’s Analytics make IT Proactive

So, there we have just a few examples of what makes Wi-Fi analytics indispensable in today’s world.  It provides monitoring and identification of issues, security and visibility into a network, and a speedier resolution to problems.  The true strength of this field though lies in its ability to do one thing – behave proactively.

It no longer works for the world of IT to offer reactive solutions to network issues.  The future lies with proactive analytics.  When network issues can be realized and remedied before IT staff even become aware of a problem, magic happens and the system is transformed.

This is the world of Wyebot.  Our Best in Class dashboard brings automation and simplicity to the challenging and complex world of IT, a world that is ever evolving and requires constant attention.  We want to make the lives of any user easier.  That is why we use our Cloud-enabled architecture and build WiFi Test Suites into network sensors to enable you to run remote tests from anywhere at anytime and pinpoint the cause of any connectivity issue.  It’s why we created a vendor agnostic system, meaning all of our features seamlessly integrate with existing network infrastructure and insure any future changes to technology will not disrupt any of Wyebot’s capabilities.  Finally, it’s why we developed an automatic and proactive platform using our market leading sensor technology to monitor and perform computational analysis on all aspects of a network.

Our industry leading, next-generation predictive visibility and productivity system automatically collects and processes data from all parts of a network, including all interacting devices.  This 24/7 monitoring uses Wyebot’s patent-pending network behavioral profiling, sophisticated wireless algorithms, machine learning and advanced wireless optimization capabilities to detect and display any anomalies.  It then automatically provides solutions to correct the issue, or prevent further issues from occurring.

Our holistic understanding provides complete visibility into a network and its devices.  Our automatic capture and analysis of data, combined with behavioral learning and pattern recognition, simplifies an incredibly complex world and delivers constant security, reliability and high performance for wireless networks.  In a world of cloud-based, mobile applications and devices, our proactive approach means our clients are ready for whatever the future will bring.  Are you ready for the future?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]