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Wireless Issues are Predicted to get Worse Before they get Better

January 14, 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every Friday, one of our employees accompanies a family member to the hospital for a doctor’s appointment. Every Friday, this employee brings his laptop to the hospital in hopes that he can connect to the the WiFi and work while he waits. Every Friday, he is disappointed.

What’s more disappointing is that he knows how easy and quick it could be to fix the hospital’s WiFi issues. You see, he’s one of our engineers, and part of his job is to architect, install, configure, diagnose, and fix wireless networks for our clients. Given the chance, he could fix this hospital’s WiFi problem for them in less than a day. He knows that the cost of the fix would be a fraction of the cost of giving up a customer, which is what he might ask his family member to consider (ie, going elsewhere).

But this hospital isn’t our client, and this engineer isn’t assigned to the fix. Instead, he sits in the waiting room, frustrated, as his WiFi connection slows down and frequently drops. That’s why you need WiFi assurance. Barely able to work, and unable to fix the problem, he mostly just waits.

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