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Identifying a Malfunctioning Access Point

Wireless networks are complex, dynamic ecosystems.  Isolating a single component in order to solve problems can be incredibly difficult, especially when you consider the massive amount of traffic now being exchanged on a typical wireless network.  Parsing through this volume of data to manually identify problems is impractical. This is why it can be so […]

Why CIOs Should Target AI-Based WiFi Automation Platforms

CIOs in all industries know one thing – they have to start actively preparing for the future, today; and right now, that means incorporating automation into the entire IT ecosystem. It’s the only way to cost-effectively and efficiently scale, support emerging technologies and a dynamic workforce, and deliver all-important business continuity. You might ask, “Aren’t […]

Automatically, Proactively Prepare Your WiFi Network for the Holiday and Giving Season

The holiday season is officially upon us. That means many businesses and organizations are gearing up for their busy season – a time of increased site visits and product movement. For sustained success, they require assurance that their WiFi networks will work as needed, when needed – no questions asked. This is because most critical […]

Supporting Decentralized Clinical Trials with WiFi Automation

Clinical trials play an important role in healthcare. They help advance medical knowledge and patient care, providing concrete answers to questions that would otherwise only be answered in the abstract. While the trial process can’t be entirely automated – even the best AI-models aren’t capable of fully and completely replicating a human experience – trial […]

Is WiFi 6E Different from WiFi 6?

Do you remember when everyone was singing WiFi 6’s praises, talking about how it was basically the best thing to happen to the internet since wireless devices were invented? Well, the WiFi Alliance and FCC decided they could actually do better and announced WiFi 6E in 2020. Here’s everything you need to know about the […]

Best Practices For WiFi Network Telemetry

Telemetry is the process of automatically collecting data from remote or inaccessible sources and transmitting it to an IT system in another location for review and analysis. Telemetry data is used across multiple industries to deliver critical visibility – without data, businesses don’t know if different processes or applications are meeting their requirements and fulfilling […]

WiFi Automation – The Best Way for MSPs to Improve Operations and Reduce Costs

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), reputation comes down to one thing: providing the best network and system service imaginable so that clients never dream of looking around for a better offer. Success requires MSPs to optimize multiple IT systems in real time, each one consisting of hundreds or thousands of devices, for clients in various […]