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Celebration Church Case Study: Optimizing Wireless Network Performance with Wyebot

Celebration Church, located in Austin, Texas, serves a vibrant community. With its large congregation and numerous events, it’s paramount that the church maintains reliable and high-performing wired and wireless networks. These networks are essential for seamless operations and positive user experience.

This case study explores how the church leverages Wyebot’s network assurance solution to gain valuable insights, improve network performance, and simplify network optimization.

The Challenge

With approximately 7000 clients connecting to the network, Gabriel Soto, Systems Engineer, has a complex technological infrastructure to oversee and optimize. Providing exceptional service to such a high volume of users is a critical priority. 

Soto wanted a solution that would answer the numerous questions about network performance that pop up daily for IT teams. His main challenges were a need to minimize RF interference and maintain reliable connectivity.

The Solution

Searching for enhanced visibility and analytics, Soto connected with Wyebot. He decided to implement our automated, AI-powered Wireless Intelligence Platform™ (WIP).

Implementation and Results

Soto has been using WIP for over a year. In that time, the network has benefited from WIP’s detailed insights and analytics. They make it significantly easier for Soto to identify possible issues and make proactive changes to preserve network optimization. 

Thanks to WIP, Soto has:

  • Improved network visibility: WIP provides detailed analytics, including client device identification and behavior analysis.
  • Reduced RF interference: WIP’s proactive alerts identify issues and root causes in real time. This leads to faster resolutions and more stable and reliable connectivity.
  • Simplified optimization: WIP analyzes network activity 24/7, and automatically saves all analytics. The solution alerts IT teams in real-time to any network issues. This frees up valuable IT resources to focus on other critical responsibilities.

Why WIP Stands Out

For Soto, one of the standout features of WIP was the solution’s ability to schedule and conduct tests on specific network services used by the congregation. This allows for proactive identification and resolution of potential issues before they impact users.

Additionally, Soto found Wyebot’s vendor-agnostic solution to be incredibly easy to use and integrate into existing network infrastructure. 

“The team at Wyebot is very easy to work with and provides a lot of guidance. They’ve got a lot of experience, and it’s nice working with people who know what they’re doing,” shared Soto. When asked if he would recommend Wyebot, he responded, “Oh yes, most definitely.”


With Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform, Celebration Church was able to overcome the challenges of managing a high-volume network, achieving greater reliability and user satisfaction. 

Considering automated network assurance for your organization? Contact Wyebot today and see how WIP can help you achieve budget-friendly, future-proofed, optimized network performance. Ask about a demo or free trial.