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Wyebot Enhances Network Performance for Private High School

A private high school in Florida wanted a more proactive approach to troubleshooting to ensure seamless connectivity for students and staff.

By partnering with Wyebot and our Wireless Intelligence Platform™ (WIP), the school optimized their network performance and greatly reduced the Mean Time to Resolution and the number of issues overall.


Before integrating WIP into their network monitoring processes, the school’s IT department faced the following challenges:

  • Identifying and resolving issues before they affected users
  • Ensuring strong and reliable WiFi coverage across the entire school campus
  • Addressing connectivity issues with older devices
  • Verifying authentication issues that affected network access

Key Benefits

The school was impressed with the AI-powered WIP after a demo showcased features that the school’s in-house tools didn’t provide. 

Some of the key features that the school has enjoyed include:

  • Proactive network optimization

WIP serves as an extra set of eyes and is always on call. 

  • Real time notifications of network issues

WIP ensures that network issues are addressed before they escalate.

  • End user experience metrics

The ability of the WIP sensors to act as clients when running tests, simulating user experiences, ensures that WIP provides the most helpful analytics.

  • Dedicated radios for packet capture (PCAPs)

WIP has a tri-radio design with two radios dedicated to nonstop monitoring of the different frequency bands, and a third radio that can run scheduled or manual network tests.  All three radios have the ability to provide historical WiFi traces.

  • Remote troubleshooting

WIP’s remote troubleshooting allows IT staff to resolve issues without being physically present in classrooms.

Key Benefits

The school’s IT department praised Wyebot for its comprehensive solutions and remote monitoring capabilities. 

“The solution helped in ways we could not foresee. It’s helped improve performance and validate our network set-up by showing us in detail if we have enough WiFi coverage to meet our needs. We like that the sensors are present even if we aren’t available to investigate a problem. It’s been very helpful to have actionable recommendations to resolve issues quickly.”

Wyebot Recommended

The school’s IT team highly recommends Wyebot to other educational institutions, especially those that rely heavily on WiFi but lack dedicated WiFi engineers. 

The platform’s ability to deliver proactive solutions, detailed performance insights, and tailored actionable recommendations makes it an invaluable resource for maintaining reliable and optimized WiFi and wired networks.