Stress-Free WiFi for Enterprises | Wireless Intelligence Platform

Enterprises run on wireless networks.  In our go, go, go world, there are no small wireless issues.  Everything is interconnected and dependent on consistent, optimum performance.

The Wireless Intelligence Platform™ Delivers the Quickest Path to WiFi Assurance.

“With WIP, our three-day Sales Conference was issue-free. We had ZERO WiFi complaints. That’s never happened before.”

– Principal Infrastructure Engineer at HBG

Seamless Connectivity  

We’ve combined market leading sensor technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Edge Computing to perform real-time analysis of all wireless activity, including that from non-WiFi sources.  Network problems are automatically recognized before they occur for proactive resolution. No lost productivity means no lost opportunity.

100% Visibility 

There are more than 9 billion WiFi-enabled devices in use.  Everyone in your office likely has at least one personal device, and possibly more.  Laptops? Smart watches? Phones? What about printers, thermostats, and virtual assistants?  New devices are entering the office every day. How do you ensure 100% visibility into the network in such a dynamic environment?  With WIP, signatures are added often as the system learns about your office. WIP knows what your optimum environment looks like, and it provides the data and information to get, and keep, you there.  Save up to 90% in mean-time to resolution, and reduce WiFi problem tickets by more than 50%.

Actionable Intelligence

Slow WiFi connections cost employees one week per year of productivity.  That’s unacceptable. You need precise information presented in a clear and concise format to quickly resolve any active or potential issues.  WIP’s got you covered. Its Remote Network Test Suite removes the mystery from your network. From end-to-end, the entire network is tested and analyzed.  Results are automatically graphed for quick visualization, and alerts include actionable intelligence for quick problem resolution. As a bonus, historical data is included.  Each graph can be expanded to view historical data for the past day, week, or month. Selecting any point on the graph will show the complete result log for that specific test.  There is no time wasted, and no unknown information.

Your wireless network is a critical part of every piece of your business.  Are you confident it’s providing the support you need? With WIP, the answer is always yes.