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Increase Operational Efficiency with Reliable WiFi Assurance

October 23, 2023

Organizations in any industry can take advantage of WiFi Assurance to reduce waste in their operations, increase productivity and profits, and improve customer satisfaction and user experience. How? It’s all thanks to WiFi Assurance’s strong impact on operational efficiency.

What is operational efficiency?

Operational efficiency is the metric used to describe the practice of reducing time, effort, and materials while producing a high-quality product or service. The goal is to optimize your utilization of time, people, equipment, applications, money, and other resources so smoothly that your business becomes more efficient, more adaptable, and more profitable while maintaining a strong reputation with customers, employees, directors, and all other users.

What is WiFi Assurance?

WiFi Assurance is the promise or pledge, guarantee, or surety of issue-free WiFi that meets all user needs. Organizations with WiFi Assurance have a WiFi network that does what they need, when they need, no questions asked.

How does WiFi Assurance impact operational efficiency?

Most organizations today are wholly dependent on their WiFi network. This network is the lifeblood of the hundreds of thousands of devices, applications, and software that are needed by every individual to complete their daily tasks. Without reliable WiFi, there will be issues with:

  • Video conferencing
  • Company websites
  • Online transactions
  • Communications 
  • Fleet management
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Automated assembly lines
  • Remote system monitoring
  • And much more

Issues will vary, both in length and severity, but even seemingly minor issues add up over time. Five minutes of downtime a week becomes over 4 hours a year. Multiply that by every employee and you have a low estimate for how much operational efficiency suffers with unreliable and unoptimized WiFi networks.

However, with WiFi Assurance, enterprises have the ability to streamline processes, save money, and boost UX.

How does WiFi Assurance help?

WiFi Assurance is provided through the use of AI-powered WiFi automation or network automation solutions. These solutions automate problem detection, notification, and mitigation for either the WiFi ecosystem (WiFi automation technologies) or the WiFi and wired ecosystems (network automation technologies). 

Here’s how enterprises win when they adopt these solutions.

  • The AI Benefit

These technologies analyze thousands of data packets a second. Their AI engines allow them to learn to recognize normal network behavior. If that behavior changes in any way, the solution recognizes the issue immediately and recommends actions for quick resolution.

  • The Automated Benefit

IT professionals already have very little time and very long to-do lists. Automated technologies shoulder some of the daily IT responsibilities, allowing more time for teams to focus on critical tasks. These technologies operate 24/7, performing network analytics and running network tests non-stop. The change from manual to automated saves enterprises time and money – as long as all alerts are automated and proactive so that IT is notified immediately. 

  • The Proactive Benefit

Operational efficiency isn’t improved with reactive measures. Instead, it takes proactive steps to make a difference. WiFi automation and network automation solutions can alert IT the instant issues are identified thanks to their AI-engines and automated designs. With proactive alerts, IT can resolve issues sooner and faster, often before end users and operations are ever impacted. 

  • The Historical Benefit

Real-time notifications are critical, but historical analytics can’t be ignored. It’s these analytics that identify long-term trends in network utilization and performance, trends that might not be identified with only isolated real-time issue alerts. Once decision makers have access to these trends, they can determine if the network is optimally supporting users now and what upgrades/updates it needs to do so in the future. This results in cost-effective and future-proofed operational efficiency.

Ultimately, WiFi automation and network automation solutions provide the knowledge that the network is available and well-able to meet all user needs. With a streamlined WiFi ecosystem, operational efficiency is not adversely affected by network downtime or interference. Issues are significantly reduced and those that occur are resolved faster than ever before. Money is no longer spent on technologies that don’t meet user needs – not with the visibility and analytics provided by WiFi and network automation. Everything becomes simpler with WiFi Assurance.

If your enterprise is one of the thousands that could use an operational efficiency boost, ask us about a free trial of the AI-powered Wireless Intelligence Platform. See how it delivers:

  • 90% faster resolutions
  • 70% fewer WiFi problem tickets
  • 80% fewer remote site visits