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WiFi offers healthcare clinics improved flexibility and efficiency.  When a wireless network is strong, our WiFi Assurance gives professionals access to clinical and business data anytime, anywhere.  Wyebot ensures the wireless ecosystem is at its best, promising ease-of-use and improved performance for all healthcare environments.

Supporting Life Saving Capabilities

WiFi fuels many mission-critical applications for clinics.  Everything from oxygen monitoring devices to electronic medical records requires a strong wireless network.  On top of that, patients and professionals might access the WiFi for social media or to message family and friends.  In a BYOD world, clinics might have no control over what devices connect to the network.  The WiFi must support diverse devices and interoperability needs in order to support the lifesaving services offered by clinics.  Wyebot provides complete network visibility 24×7 with in-depth analysis of current or potential problems.  With our automatic suggestion of actionable items to take to resolve issues, we ensure clinics have optimized networks that keep on running regardless of how many devices connect.

Backing Remote IT Teams

We know it’s common for clinics’ IT teams to serve remotely with a limited staff.   We engineered our Wireless Intelligence Platform ™ so that every sensor has an embedded WiFi test suite.  IT can run manual or scheduled tests and instantly receive notification if any test fails.  Our platform helps IT provide rapid response times and ensures clinic professionals have all wireless dependent tools available.

More Patients Served

With a detailed look into network trends, clinics can determine how best to optimize patient services.  When you know how the network is being used, and how that changed over the last month, you can see at a glance what a clinic needs to do to optimize wireless healthcare applications.  Wyebot’s detailed historical analytics present data and trends from the last day, week or month, supporting clinics in providing the best patient care.

WIP Platform Datasheet

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Nursing BYOD Policies & Compliance

Wyebot devices can help proactively solve security and compliance issues for hospital nurses.

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