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We know it’s a very stressful time for you right now and we want to help. We are offering clinics and hospitals a free trial of our WiFi Automation platform with no future obligation.

Whether it’s the increase in Telehealth services and pop-up clinics, more services being pushed towards your remote locations, or the additional wireless devices and sensors being deployed, your wireless network is facing a stronger demand, and needs to be performing flawlessly to handle it.

Wyebot ensures the wireless ecosystem is at its best, promising ease-of-use and improved performance for all healthcare environments.

Optimizing Networks for Continuous, Reliable Care

Our Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP) supports you and your network as your “onsite Network Engineer in a box.” Using network tests and its automated Alert functions, WIP will:

  • Reduce on-site troubleshooting visits by up to 80% and WiFi problem tickets by up to 50%
  • Identify whether on-premise applications and servers are working optimally or not
  • Notify defined personnel in case of degraded performance, automatically alert them to any issues, and provide resolution recommendations
  • Analyze network data using its patented AI-based engine, automatically providing problem and solution identification, resulting in an up-to 90% reduction in the mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR)
  • Prioritize security by dropping the payload before data is sent to the cloud (Security FAQ provided upon request)

WiFi fuels many mission-critical applications for clinics. Everything from oxygen monitoring devices to electronic medical records requires a strong wireless network. On top of that, patients and professionals might connect personal devices to the WiFi. The network must support diverse devices and interoperability needs in order to support the lifesaving services offered by clinics. Wyebot provides complete network visibility 24×7 with in-depth analysis of current or potential problems. With our automatic suggestion of actionable items to take to resolve issues, we ensure clinics have optimized networks that keep on running regardless of how many devices connect.

Backing Remote IT Teams

We know it’s common for IT teams to serve remotely with a limited staff. When time is of the essence and IT needs solutions immediately, our platform helps provide rapid response times and ensures healthcare professionals have all wireless dependent tools available. We engineered our Wireless Intelligence Platform ™ so that every sensor has an embedded WiFi test suite. IT can run manual or scheduled tests and instantly receive notifications if any test fails.

More Patients Served

With a detailed look into network trends, clinics can determine how best to optimize patient services. When you know how the network is being used, and how that changed over time, you can see at a glance what needs to be done to optimize wireless healthcare applications. Whether making changes in real-time to respond to emergency situations, or planning changes for the future to optimize a network for healthcare emergency responses, Wyebot’s detailed historical analytics present data and trends from the last day, week, or month, supporting all facilities in providing the best patient care.

See how WIP supports Value-Based Healthcare.

See how WIP supports Healthcare professionals and facilities.

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