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IT is tough. IT for education can be even tougher. When your WiFi network is responsible for keeping an entire campus connected, from dorm rooms to classrooms, downtime isn’t an option. You’re managing customer expectations and user experience for thousands of people.

On top of the same multiple device management, BYOD issues, and security concerns faced by any enterprise, education IT staff are faced with the very specific technical and regulatory demands of a K-12 or college environment.

With Wyebot, a Vermont School District Stays Ahead of the Curve

Wyebot devices proactively help the Lamoille North Modified/Unified Union School District diagnose and troubleshoot issues – before they develop into problems.

That includes little to no visibility into their WiFi networks, and the fact that schools can’t afford the lost productivity that occurs when WiFi isn’t working for their smartboards, tablets, and laptops.

In one case, a college was upgrading and migrating their wireless client from their old 2.4GHz protocol to 5GHz. The school wanted to manage the migration themselves, however, they didn’t have a reliable way of knowing, or the right tools to discover who on campus was using which client/protocol. Simply shutting off the legacy client wasn’t an option, as they had no way of knowing which potentially critical systems or processes would be impacted.

User experience was suffering campus-wide, as users dropped off or experienced slow-downs. Best guess was that they had 50% of users on the legacy wireless and 50% on the newer protocol. The most frustrating part for the school’s IT staff was that the data was there, they just didn’t know how to access it or what to do with it.

By incorporating Wyebot’s automated WIP solution, the college was able to quickly identify the answer on which protocol was used and then resolve the issue, while using less resources then they would have traditionally had to use.

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The Wireless Intelligence Platform

(WIP) not only identified and quantified the issue, but outlined the exact steps that needed to be taken. WIP provided automated actionable items to help optimize their system and improve their customer’s experience. Leveraging the available data, within just a few minutes we were able to transition 86% of the school’s users to the new system.

“We had hundreds of clients using our old 2.4GHz protocol, leading to connectivity issues across the board,” said Robert MacGregor, Director, Mass Maritime Academy in Buzzards Bay, MA. “When we installed Wyebot’s WIP solution, it immediately uncovered that 50% of our customers were connecting to the 2.4GHz bandwidth vs the 5GHz bandwidth we wanted them to.”

“With WIP, we saw an immediate impact on user experience when we moved 86% of the users to the 5GHz bandwidth. We didn’t know to do this before we had WIP installed,” MacGregor continued.

At another college, Wyebot’s WIP was crucial to freeing up IT staff from WiFi support during the highly active 11PM-2AM time period. The system generated and prioritized tickets as needed overnight (along with the steps required to fix the issues and prevent them from happening again) so staff could simply sort them out in the morning.

WIP makes life easier, saves time and money, and improves customer satisfaction. Whether you’re the lone IT pro at a high school, or part of a full support team at a university, when it comes to wireless, Wyebot Assurance means that you don’t have to be an expert to support your wireless users.