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A Consolidated School District Recommends WIP

k-12 case study

The Need

A Pre-K through Grade 8 school district was sold on Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform™ (WIP) as soon as they had a demo. “We’ve always been told that our wireless controller should give us everything we need to optimize the WiFi network, but that isn’t always true,” the district’s assistant IT director shared. 

WIP gave greater network visibility and provided a client-view of network performance. “It was exactly what we needed.”

Problems Solved

The schools in the district were having a few recurring problems, including:

  • Trouble with roaming clients
  • Reports of spotty internet connectivity

At one of the schools, internet connections would drop at random times. The wireless controllers the school used reported that everything was fine. WIP, however, provided different information and helped resolve the issue.

“When we demoed the sensor, it found that some of our APs were under-powered and weren’t channeling correctly. There were mismatched configurations between APs in the same building. We learned a lot about our APs from WIP.”

With WIP’s insights, the assistant director knew how to better manage the network because he had better visibility into network behavior. WIP helped him to mitigate and resolve the roaming and connectivity issues, improving teacher and student network experience.

How WIP Stands Out from Other Solutions

Besides visibility, are there other ways WIP stands out from other solutions in the market?

“The ability to customize tests and the amount of tests available really stand out to me. Plus, the fact that you can act as a client, and the built-in PCAP feature.”

Another stand-out feature? The collaboration between Wyebot and the school. “I can send my own ideas to them and they are excited to hear from me. They want a conversation,” the assistant director shared. 50% of WIP’s feature updates have come from customer requests!

The School’s Favorite WIP Features

“It’s the dashboard. The information you get from it is very insightful. I also love that I can set it [WIP] up and forget about it, knowing it’s watching everything and will give me needed information when something happens. WIP has saved us from quite a few headaches. Our other solutions didn’t paint the same picture. The information we got from them didn’t help us fully resolve our problems.”

Wyebot is glad to support all of the teachers, students, and staff at the district’s schools!

WIP in Education

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