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Case Study: Friends Central School, Pennsylvania

WiFi Performance Problems

The Friends Central School in Pennsylvania wanted a better way to monitor and troubleshoot WiFi performance problems. The school’s Director of Technology learned of Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform™ (WIP) and purchased it for the IT team. The Director thought WIP would be a good investment because it helps identify broadcast traffic, low frequency band usage, outside interference, and any overlap between access points – elements that were relevant to the school’s WiFi performance complaints.

The Wyebot Solution

The school’s Network Administrator has never seen any other solution like WIP. The platform makes network problem solving and optimizing easier by providing, “Great information as to what’s going on on the network. Specific, automated tests will point out performance problems and where bottlenecks are.”

School’s Favorite WIP Features

“Love the network tests!”

WIP’s network tests include: wireless connectivity and internet connectivity/ping test; application test; performance test suite; device monitor and device discovery tests; security audit; DNS server test; and a video conference test. Network tests can be run on a schedule, operate on wired or WiFi and copied across locations and SSIDs.

WIP in Education

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